Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ("we" or "us") recognizes the importance of your personal information and we are committed to protecting your personal information and privacy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We have created this Privacy Policy and would like to remind you that you should read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before using and related services in order to make appropriate choices. This Privacy Policy will help you understand that.

l We will collect and use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, but we will not use mandatory bundling to collect personal information solely because you agree to this Privacy Policy.

l When you use or enable the relevant function or use the service, we will collect and use the relevant information as necessary to achieve the function or service. Unless the information is necessary to perform basic business functions or required by law or regulation, you may refuse to provide it and it will not affect other functions or services. We will explain what information is necessary in our privacy policy.

l If you are not logged in to your account, we will use the identifier information for your device to ensure the basic functionality of the message delivery. If you are logged in to your account, we will use the account information to enable pushing of information.

l Precise geolocation, camera, microphone, and photo album permissions are not turned on by default and are only used for specific functions or services with your explicit authorization, which can be revoked. In particular, even if we obtain these sensitive permissions with your authorization, we will not collect your information when it is not needed for the relevant function or service.

l This Privacy Policy applies to your access to and use of our products and services through the application, the web pages, the Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Application Programming Interface (API) for use on third party websites and applications.

The following section will help you understand in detail how we collect, use, store, transfer, share, transfer (if applicable) and protect personal information; and how you can access, access, delete, correct and withdraw your authorized personal information. Please pay special attention to the important content of the terms and conditions regarding your personal information rights, which we have bolded.

l How we collect and use personal information

l How we use cookies and other similar technologies

l How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose personal information

l How we store personal information

l How we protect the security of personal information

l Managing your personal information

l Terms of Use for Minors

l Privacy Policy Revisions and Notices

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1. How we collect and use personal information

We may collect information that you voluntarily provide when using the Services and through automated means generated in the course of using features or receiving the Services in the following ways.

1.1 Registration, Login, Authentication

1.1.1 Registration and Login

a. When you register and log in to and related services, you can create an account with your real-name authenticated cell phone number and you can improve the relevant network identification information (avatar, nickname, password), which is collected to help you complete the registration. You can also choose to fill in your gender, location, interests, etc. in "Settings" - "Basic Information" on your computer to improve your information according to your needs.

b. You can also use a third-party account to log in and use, you will authorize us to obtain your public information (avatar, nickname, region and gender information) registered on the third-party platform, and use it to bind to your account, so that you can directly log in and use the product and related services.

1.2 Information Browsing

a. may recommend information of greater interest to you. In order to achieve this function, we may collect the necessary log information, as follows.

Information about your actions and usage: click, follow, favorite, search, browse, share, length of time using each function.

Information you actively provide: reply, post, like, comment, pop-up

Geographic location information: GPS information, WLAN access point, Bluetooth and sensor information of base station

b. GPS geographic location is sensitive personal information, if you refuse to provide it, we will not recommend information or provide services related to GPS information to you based on GPS information, but it will not affect the normal use of other functions of

c. We may display and recommend local information about your area based on the city corresponding to your IP address. d. The above information we collect and use is de-identified, and the data analysis only corresponds to specific codes that cannot be directly associated with your identity, and will not be associated with your real identity.

1.3 Publication and interaction

1.3.1 Posting of information

a. When you post content, comment, reply, or like, we will collect the information you post and display your nickname, avatar, and posted content.

b. When you use the function of posting pictures and pronouncing videos, we will request you to authorize camera, album microphone, storage permission in the form of a pop-up window so that we can get the pictures and audio and video you want to use for posting. If you refuse to provide authorization, you will not be able to use this feature, but it will not affect your normal use of other features of

c. When you post a message, we may provide the service of displaying location. When you confirm the display of location, we will request you to authorize the geolocation permission and collect the location information related to the Service. If you refuse to authorize the provision of accurate geolocation information, you will not be able to use this feature, but it will not affect your normal use of other features of

d. Information collected by us from users as a result of using our products or services, such as information posted by other users that may contain some of your information (e.g., information related to you in replies, comments, posted graphics, audio and video).

1.3.2 Interaction

When you take the initiative to follow the accounts, sections, activities and topics you are interested in and interact with them, browse, reply, comment, favorite, like or share the content, we will collect the accounts you follow and show you the content posted by the accounts you follow.

1.4 Search

When you use "" search service, we collect your search keyword information and logs. In order to provide an efficient search service, some of the aforementioned information will be temporarily stored on your local storage device, and we will show you the content of the search results and search history.

1.5 Download

When you need to download images, audio and video, we will ask you in a pop-up window to authorize us to store them (if you have already authorized to store them, you will not be prompted again), so that you can save the aforementioned images, audio and video. If you need to withdraw the authorization, you can use your phone system settings - Application Management - Permissions Management - Turn off the storage permission of, and it will not affect you to use other functions.

1.6 Safe operation

1.6.1 Security Features

We are committed to providing you with a safe and trustworthy product and usage environment, and providing quality and reliable services is our core goal. The information collected to achieve the safety and security function is necessary information.

1.6.2 Device information and log information

a. To ensure the safe operation of the software and services, we collect your hardware model, operating system version number, international mobile device identifier, unique device identifier, network device hardware address, IP address, WLAN access point, Bluetooth, base station, software version number, network access method, type, status, network quality data, operation, usage, and service logs. service logs.

b. For prevention of malicious programs and necessary for secure operation, we collect information about installed applications or running processes. For example, to retrieve whether you have installed a video app, and if it is an H5 page to jump directly to that app to play.

c. You hereby solemnly acknowledge and agree that we may use your account information, device information, service log information, and information that our affiliates and partners may share with your authorization or in accordance with the law, for the purpose of determining account security, conducting identity verification, detecting and combating blackmail, and detecting and preventing security incidents.

1.7 Other

1.7.1 In order to provide appropriate services based on your networking status, we need to check your current network status, connect and disconnect from the WLAN network, and check the open and closed status of the wifi. For example, when you use cell phone traffic, if you click to watch a video, we will ask you to agree to use the traffic to watch the video.

1.7.2 When you need to use Bluetooth to share content on APP, we will request you to authorize to turn on Bluetooth in a pop-up window so that we can pair Bluetooth devices to share content according to your needs.

1.7.3 we will create the APP icon on your desktop when you install and remove the APP icon from your desktop when you uninstall

1.7.4 In order for you to be able to display the APP in full screen, we need your permission for to tuck away or expand the status bar.

1.8 Changes in the purpose of collecting and using personal information

Please be aware that as our business develops, there may be adjustments to the features and services offered by In principle, when a new feature or service is related to a feature or service we currently provide, the personal information collected and used will be directly or reasonably related to the original purpose of processing. In the case that there is no direct or reasonable connection with the original processing purpose, we will collect and use your personal information and inform you again and obtain your consent.

1.9 Personal Information Collected and Used Exempt from Consent by Law

Please understand that in the following cases, in accordance with laws and regulations and relevant national standards, we do not need to obtain your authorized consent for the collection and use of your personal information.

a. directly related to national security, national defense security.

b. directly related to public safety, public health, and significant public interest.

c. directly related to crime investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments, etc.

d. for the purpose of safeguarding the life, property and other significant legitimate rights and interests of the subject of personal information or other individuals but for which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.

e. collected your personal information that you disclose to the public on your own.

f. where your personal information collected is from information that is lawfully and publicly disclosed, such as lawful news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.

g. necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract at your request.

h. necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the Software and related services, such as the detection and disposal of faults in the Software and related services.

i. necessary for legitimate news reporting.

j. Necessary for academic research institutions to conduct statistical or academic research in the public interest and to de-identify the personal information contained in the results when providing the results of academic research or descriptions to the public.

k. Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

In particular, you are reminded that if the information cannot be identified to your personal identity alone or in combination with other information, it is not your personal information in the legal sense; when your information can be identified to your personal identity alone or in combination with other information or when we use data that cannot be linked to any specific personal information in combination with other your personal information, such information will be treated as your The information will be treated and protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy for the duration of the combined use.

2. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies and similar technologies are technologies commonly used on the Internet. When you use and related services, we may use such technologies to send one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device in order to collect and store information about your access to, and use of, this product. We promise that we will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy. We use cookies and similar technologies primarily to enable the following features or services.

2.1 Ensure the safe and efficient operation of products and services

We may set authentication and security cookies or anonymous identifiers that allow us to verify that you are securely logged in to the Services or that you have not experienced theft, fraud or other wrongdoing. These technologies also help us improve the efficiency of our services and increase login and response times.

2.2 Helping you have an easier access experience

The use of such technologies can help you eliminate the need to repeat the steps and processes you need to complete personal information and enter search content (examples: record search, form completion).

2.3 To recommend, display, or push content or accounts that may be of interest to you

a. We may use cookies and similar technologies to understand your preferences and usage habits and conduct data analysis to improve product offerings, recommend information or features of interest to users, and optimize your choices for advertising.

b. We may use cookies to record browsing activity for the purpose of recommending information to you and troubleshooting anomalies related to crashes, delays, and exploring better ways to serve you.

2.4 Clearance of cookies

Most browsers provide users with the ability to clear their browser cache data, which you can do in the browser settings function. If you do so, you may not be able to use the services or corresponding features provided by the Company that rely on cookies because of these modifications.

3. How we share, transfer and publicly disclose personal information

3.1.1 Sharing principles

a. Authorized Consent: Sharing of your personal information to our third parties requires your authorized consent, and the personal information shared is de-identified information or information about a natural person subject who cannot be identified by the third party, unless we share the necessary personal information to our affiliates and are bound by the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If affiliates or third parties use the information for purposes beyond the scope of the original authorized consent, they will need to re-obtain your consent.

b. Legitimate and Minimal Necessity: Data shared with affiliates and third parties must have a legitimate purpose and be shared only to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

c. Security Prudence: We will carefully evaluate the purposes for which affiliated parties and third parties use shared information, make a comprehensive assessment of the security capabilities of these partners, and require them to comply with legal agreements for cooperation. We will conduct strict security monitoring of software tool development kits (SDK) and application program interfaces (API) used by partners to obtain information in order to protect data security.

3.1.2 Shared information for implementing features or services

a. When you use the functions provided by our affiliates or third parties on, or when software service providers, smart device providers, or system service providers jointly provide services to you, we share de-identified personal information, or information about natural persons whose subjects cannot be identified by third parties, with these affiliates or third parties. The information will be shared with these affiliated parties and third parties for comprehensive statistics and algorithmic analysis of features and preferences to form an indirect crowd profile, which will be used to recommend, display or push information that may be of interest to you, or to push specific features, services or commercial advertisements that are more suitable for you.

b. Login to third party accounts: When logging into your account and clicking to jump to third party products, we may share your nickname, avatar and account balance, de-identified puid and cid with the third party products you are logged into.

3.1.3 Implementation of ad-related shared information

a. Ad Delivery: We may share information with partners who entrust us with promotion and ad delivery, but we will not share information that identifies you personally, and will only provide these partners with indirect profile tags and de-identified or anonymized information that does not identify you personally, in order to help them improve b. Ad Statistics: We may share information with our partners that does not identify you.

b. Advertising Statistics: We may share analytic de-identified statistical information with service providers, vendors and other partners of our business that is difficult to correlate with your personally identifiable information, which will help us analyze and measure the effectiveness of advertising and related services.

3.1.4 Implementing Security and Analyzing Shared Information for Statistics

a. Safeguarding usage security: We attach great importance to account and service security. In order to safeguard your account and property and the legitimate and legal rights of you and other users from unlawful infringement, we and our affiliates or service providers may share the necessary device, account and log information.

b. Analysis of product usage: In order to analyze the usage of our services and improve the user experience, we may share statistical data on product usage (crashes, flashbacks) with affiliates or third parties, which is difficult to combine with other information to identify you personally.

3.2 Transfers

a. We will not transfer your personal information to any other third party unless we have your express consent.

b. As our business continues to grow, we may engage in mergers, acquisitions, and asset transfers, and your personal information may be transferred as a result. In the event of such a change, we will require the successor party to protect your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations and security standards no less stringent than those set forth in this Privacy Policy, or we will require the successor party to obtain your authorized consent again.

3.3 Disclosure

a. We will not publicly disclose your information except in accordance with national laws and regulations or with your consent. We will use security measures that meet industry standards for public disclosure of your personal information.

b. We will disclose the information of the relevant accounts when we announce the penalties for account violations and fraudulent acts.

3.4 Personal Information Exempted from Consent Sharing, Transfer, and Public Disclosure by Law

Please understand that in the following cases, in accordance with laws and regulations and national standards, we are not required to obtain your authorized consent to share, transfer, or publicly disclose your personal information.

a. Directly related to national security and national defense security.

b. Directly related to public safety, public health, and significant public interest.

c. directly related to crime investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments, etc.

d. For the purpose of safeguarding your or other individuals' life, property and other significant legitimate rights and interests but for which it is difficult to obtain your consent.

e. personal information that you disclose to the public on your own.

f. Where personal information is collected from legitimate public disclosures, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.

4. How we store personal information

4.1 Storage location

We store your personal information collected and generated in the course of our operations within the territory of the People's Republic of China in accordance with the laws and regulations. At present, we do not transfer the above information outside of China, but if we do, we will follow the relevant national regulations or seek your consent.

4.2 Storage Period

We will retain your personal information only for as long as is necessary to provide you with the Services and for the purposes for which it was created: your posts, comments, likes and related information will be retained by us for as long as you do not withdraw, delete or cancel your account. After the necessary period has elapsed, we will delete or anonymize your personal information, except as otherwise provided by law or regulation.

5. How we protect the security of personal information

a. We take the security of your personal information very seriously and will endeavor to take reasonable security measures (including technical aspects and management aspects) to protect your personal information from improper use or unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, loss or leakage of the personal information you provide.

b. We will protect your personal information using encryption technology, anonymization and related reasonable and practicable means that are no less advanced than those of our industry peers, and use security protection mechanisms to prevent malicious attacks on your personal information.

c. We will establish special security department, security management system, data security process to protect your personal information. We adopt a strict data use and access system to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your personal information, and conduct security audits of data and technology when appropriate.

d. Although we have taken reasonable and effective measures as described above and have complied with the standards required by the relevant laws and regulations, please understand that due to technical limitations and the possibility of various malicious means, it is impossible to always guarantee 100% security of information in the Internet industry, even with all efforts to strengthen security measures, and we will do our best to ensure that the information you provide to us We will do our best to ensure the security of the personal information you provide to us.

e. You are aware and understand that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may experience problems due to factors outside of our control. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take proactive measures to protect the security of your personal information, including, but not limited to, using complex passwords, changing passwords regularly, and not disclosing your account password and related personal information to others.

f. We will develop contingency plans and immediately activate them in the event of a user information security incident in an effort to prevent the expansion of the impact and consequences of such security incidents. Once a user information security event (leakage, loss) occurs, we will promptly inform you, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, of: the basic situation and possible impact of the security event, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, the suggestions you can independently prevent and reduce the risk, and the remedial measures for you. We will promptly inform you of the incident in the form of push notifications, emails, letters, SMS and related forms, and when it is difficult to inform you one by one, we will take reasonable and effective ways to issue announcements. At the same time, we will also report the disposition of user information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities.

g. Once you leave and related services to browse or use other websites, services and content resources, we will have no ability or direct obligation to protect any personal information you submit on software or websites other than and related services, regardless of whether your login, browsing or use of said software or websites is based on a link from 6.

6. Management of your personal information

We attach great importance to the management of your personal information and make every effort to protect your rights in relation to accessing, accessing, modifying, deleting, withdrawing consent authorization, canceling your account, filing complaints and setting privacy features so that you have the ability to safeguard your privacy and information security.

6.1 Self-selective control of personalized recommendation information

6.1.1 Autonomous control of receiving information

a. Autonomous decision to receive push information: Our information recommendation function may be made based on automated decision-making mechanisms including information systems and algorithms. While we continue to improve and explore the optimization of the recommendation system, we also adopt a strict review strategy at the review level. In particular, to ensure your autonomy in receiving information, when you are not interested in the information we push or want to reduce certain information recommendations, you can click "X" in the push information column and select the relevant reason to block it precisely.

6.1.2 Programmatic advertising push

Programmatic advertising information: Programmatic advertising is one of the advertising display technologies that are intelligently recommended by advertisers based on your preferences within their applications. only provides programmatic advertising docking technology and does not access your behavior or personal data within other applications. If you wish to close an ad, you can do so by clicking on the "X" in the bottom left corner of the ad.

6.2 Changing or withdrawing authorization settings and processing of withdrawals and information

6.2.1 Processing of information for changing or withdrawing authorization

When you withdraw your consent or authorization, we cannot continue to provide you with the functions and services for which you have withdrawn your consent or authorization, and we will no longer process your corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent or authorization will not affect the processing of personal information previously carried out by the Company based on your authorization.

6.3 Access, deletion and correction of your personal information

6.3.1 Access to personal account information

You can check and access your avatar, user name, gender and region, which you can do in the "Edit Profile" section of

6.3.2 Deleting posted content, forwarded content, question and answer content, and comment content

a. Delete the posted content: Please click "..." in the upper right corner of the posted content and click the delete button or click "More" - "Feedback "Contact customer service to delete.

b. Delete comments: Click "More" - "Feedback" to contact customer service to delete.

c. In particular, you should note that for security and identification reasons (e.g. number appeal service), you may not be able to independently modify some of the initial registration information submitted during registration. If you do need to change such registration information, please contact us according to the contact information set forth in this Privacy Policy.

6.4 Cancellation of Account

If you use the APP to cancel your account, please contact our customer service to help you complete the cancellation in "More" - "Feedback". Before you cancel your account, we will verify your personal identity, security status, device information and so on. Please refer to the instructions on the logout page for the logout process and content. You acknowledge and understand that the act of canceling your account is irreversible and that we will delete or anonymize information about you after you cancel your account, except as otherwise provided by law or regulation.

6.5 Access to the Privacy Policy

a. You can view this Privacy Policy in its entirety on the registration page or by logging into your personal account under "More" - "Settings" - "About Us " or through the web site.

b. Please be aware that the "" and related services described in this Privacy Policy may vary depending on your cell phone model, system version, software application version, mobile client and other factors. The final product and service will be based on the "" software and related services you are using.

6.6 Notifying you of discontinuation

If we cease operations, we will cease collecting your personal information in a timely manner, notify you of the cessation of operations on a case-by-case basis or by public announcement, and delete or anonymize any personal information we hold about you.

7. Terms and Conditions for Minors

a. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should read and agree to this Privacy Policy under the supervision and guidance of your parents or other guardians before using "" and related services.

b. We protect the personal information of minors in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and will only collect, use, store, share, transfer or disclose the personal information of minors as permitted by law, with the express consent of their parents or other guardians or as necessary to protect them; if we become aware that we have collected personal information of minors without prior verifiable parental consent, we will seek to If we discover that we have collected personal information from a minor without prior verifiable parental consent, we will attempt to delete the information as soon as possible.

c. If you are the guardian of a minor, please contact us at the contact information listed in this Privacy Policy if you have questions about the personal information of a minor in your custody.

8. Amendments to the Privacy Policy and Notices

a. In order to provide you with better service, and related services may be updated and changed from time to time, and we may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, and such revisions will form part of and have the same effect as this Privacy Policy, and we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy as currently in effect without your express consent.

b. When this Privacy Policy is updated, we will issue an updated version on and alert you to the updated terms through an announcement on our official website ( or other appropriate means before the updated terms become effective so that you are aware of the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

9. Contact us

a. If you have complaints, suggestions, questions about the protection of personal information, please email, we will provide timely feedback on your complaints and reports after verifying and validating your user identity.

b. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the content of this privacy policy, please email