Its a Fraud company NOT registered in FCA
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Its a Fraud company NOT registered in FCA
Its a Fraud company NOT registered in FCA
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Its a Fraud company, Contact FCA and give them the (FRN: 705428) number shown in the bottom of the website and FCA (https://www. fca. org. uk/contact) will tell you is not a genuine company and does not appear in FCA record at all. The company which appears in the FCA record is Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited which has not notified the FCA that is part of them. So under these circumstances FCA will tell you is not a registered entity in the FCA record. So any dispute with will not be dealt by FCA but by Action Fraud team (https://www. actionfraud. police. uk/). Which makes illegal to provide any kind of CFD or trading services to the UK residents. So whoever used can contact their bank to freez and dispute the transactions.

The MT4 platform will play against you, as it did against my BUY STOP order. it did execute the order before the price reach to that point. Also my trailing which was supposed to close previous position was not started and my account was drained to zero. I have solid evidence of snapshot which I have taken. is full scammed. contact FCA in uk and they will tell you is not registered and cant use (FRN: 705428) for their illegal services in U.K

XM Global Limited
Regulator: ASIC 443670 CySEC 零售、机构外汇等 IFSC IFSC60/354/TS/19 
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